RP-DJ100 Stereo Headphones DJ

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Panasonic RP-DJ100 headphones

Are these cheap'n'cheerful cans good enough for DJs?

Panasonic RP-DJ100 Review (55%)Although in-ear 'bud' headphones are all well and good for strutting down the street with your iPod/PDA/smartphone in your pocket, when it comes to DJing or listening at home, you might need something a little more substantial.

If you've got deep pockets (and don't mind looking like Biggles coming back from a WW2 mission), you can't go wrong with the amazing
Grado SR60 headphones (review June 2005), but if you're looking for something cheap and cheerful, the Panasonic DJ100 headphones are worth a look.

Review by urban75 for Digital-Lifestyles, June 2006

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